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LongLife for singularity

The original LongLife by Valdalpone will very simply allow meeting personal requirements. 5 different thickness and 40 beautiful colours of nappa are available, all of which just fit any style of furnishing as a dream of an impression.  
Excellent colour-fast capacity:
great attractiveness

LongLife DUCA
Special surface-structured, soft and mild nappa

Characteristic, good touch of fast and natural leather

LongLife MOLIA
Fine-structured, harmoniously mild natural leather

LongLife AURA
Shiny-surfaced, pleasant touch of leather

LongLife NUBIA
Natural embossed surface, with a cloudy appearance, touches like gloving leather
New shades
It is provable that colours influence the activity and affection of our body.

Blue has a mitigating effect, creates a restful atmosphere and radiates calm.

Green sedates, relaxes in the everyday rush and helps eliminate stress and re-creation.
Red breathes positive feeling, creates the impact of a dynamic and exciting surrounding.

Yellow beams happiness and optimism, refreshes concentration, therefore is an ideal environmental element of any fields of work.

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