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LongLife for the easy life

LongLife does everything along with us pulling through bringing up the children, parents' parties and generally every incident of life and experience.

The most important is:
LongLife remains nice over long years. Just nice.
ANTI-AGING-System the obstructor of aging

It is the Anti-Aging-System that makes the original LongLife by Valdalpone nappa surface especially resistant and durable.

aginst aging

against dirt

against ultra-violet radiation.

This surface treatment raises the natural values of the leather without any change to it.
How does the Anti-Aging-System work?
Heat, light, sunshine (ultra-violet beams) and oxygen will have an aging impact on every kind of leather put into commercial circulation. The Anti-Aging-System extends the lifetime of leathers. The Anti-Aging-System was originally developed in the beauty-industry in order to postpone the aging of human skin. Italian Leather company then carried out further researches and developed the technique, following which the unique and sensational Anti-Aging-System may now be applied at the LongLife by Valdalpone leather too.

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